Reasons Why Professional Disinfection Services are the Need of The Hour

Currently, the world is reeling from the deadly Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). With this, general hygiene and the need for effective disinfection has increased significantly. In navigating this, individuals are presented with a plethora of options – conducting cleaning and disinfection in-house, engaging existing cleaning contractors or engaging a professional disinfection service. Here are some benefits of employing professional disinfection services:

Seasoned Professionals at Your Service

Trying to disinfect a space yourself can be tricky. Professional disinfection services employ only experienced and trained professionals. They are equipped to disinfect a variety of premises like:

• Homes
• Offices
• Factories
• Restaurants, shopping malls, and other commercial establishments

This experience is especially pertinent for premises and surfaces which require special care. For instance, Data Centers must be handled with specialised equipment and gear. Disposable rubber gloves and proper attire must be used to prevent moisture transfer. Solutions containing chlorine, or solvents with acetone, benzene, methylene chloride or ethyl alcohol should be avoided.

Thus, with experience, trained professionals will be familiar with such requirements and specialised care.

Extensive Customisation

Professional disinfection agencies are able to customise their services according to your business. Services range from terminal disinfection services, extensive pre-application wipe down or pre-application swab testing. These professional agencies have the resources and capabilities to address a variety of needs and pinpoints.

Efficient Services

It is essential to trust the best disinfection services in Singapore to keep your premise safe and protected. Professionals possess the right tools and techniques needed to carry out a thorough cleaning and disinfection job. For instance, anElectrostatic Spraying Gun ensures the disinfection solution is electrostatically charged during application. This causes the solution to stick and wrap around sprayed objects including hard to reach areas. The use of such specialised equipment results in a uniform and thorough disinfection coating. Thus, engaging professional agencies will provide a greater peace of mind.

Eco-Friendly Techniques

Are you looking to be a responsible citizen and reduce your carbon footprint? Seek out environmentally responsible disinfection services which are able to keep you and the environment safe at the same time. State-of-the-art microbial technology can include green disinfection techniques and non-toxic repellents that are safe for humans and the environment. This allows you to adopt an eco-friendly approach to disinfecting your premise.

Thus, engage a reliable and environmentally responsible disinfection agency to protect your premise. It is time to seek out the industry’s best disinfection services to meet your protection needs.

Government launches work group to look into wages, welfare of low-wage workers

SINGAPORE: A new work group that will come up with measures to address issues on the salaries and work environment of low-wage workers was launched on Thursday (Oct 29). 

The Tripartite Workgroup on Lower-Wage Workers will be spearheaded by Senior Minister of State for Manpower Zaqy Mohamad, and include members from the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers Federation – representing workers and employers respectively. 

The aim of the work group is to raise the salaries and well-being of low-wage workers, particularly by improving the progressive wage model (PWM). 

The PWM refers to “wage ladders” aimed to increase the salaries of low-wage workers through upgrading their skills and improving productivity. It currently covers about 80,000 workers in the cleaning, security and landscaping sectors, and will apply to lift and escalator technicians in 2022. 

The work group will develop policy ideas that include ensuring wage growth in PWM sectors continue to outpace median wage growth, increasing the number of workers covered by the model and expanding the number of occupations covered by the PWM, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said in a statement. 


How Useful is Self-Disinfecting Coating against COVID-19?

COVID-19 came as a massive threat to our health and safety. In such a scenario, the self disinfecting coating has gained popularity for its protection from germs and virus.

What is Self-Disinfecting Coating?

There are multiple functionalities of the self disinfecting coating. The reports have suggested that it can reduce the total number of bacteria antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The self disinfecting coating is now not only used in the hospital but other settings like offices, airports too.

The studies have also found that this kind of coating is successful in producing long term efficiency in hospitals. It has been found that they can reduce the number of bacteria more than 15 weeks of the application. The various scientific researchers have suggested its effectiveness against a wide range of pathogenic bacteria. The study also reflects its efficiency in different hard surfaces such as bed rails, walls, tray tables, beds and others.

The Benefits of Self-Disinfecting Coating

As a result of its multiple functionalities, it is being used to prevent the spread of Covid 19. The self disinfecting coating is eco-friendly and safe. The coating also acts as a guard against fungi, virus and bacteria. It is nothing but the need of the hour.

The self-disinfecting coating essentially remains effective three months before any form of re-application. The layer comprises of modified quaternary ammonium compound. This ensures it has a self disinfecting function which kills the germs when it comes in contact.

How does it work?

The studies have suggested that the self disinfecting coating is practical in two ways. Firstly it comprises needles like structure which can rupture the outer membrane of virus, bacteria and fungi. This thereby reduces the ability of the viruses to infect.

Secondly, the bonding agent of the coating helps it to adhere tightly to the surfaces. Thus despite repeated scrubbing and cleaning of the body, the coating lasts for three months. It is also safe for human skin.

An efficient research body delivers 100% lab-tested self-disinfection coating, which is safe to use not only for humans but for pets as well.

Social enterprises play important role in helping vulnerable during Covid-19 pandemic: Masagos

SINGAPORE – Social enterprises play an important role in helping vulnerable groups, especially during a time of crisis like the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, during which they are hit harder than most, said Minister for Social and Family Development Masagos Zulkifli on Saturday (Oct 24).

To help social enterprises during this period, 19 of them have received funding support for the next two years from the Government through the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise’s StayUnited Grant, which has helped to save 83 jobs of vulnerable persons, he added.

Mr Masagos, who was speaking at the FestivalForGood2020, said the grant, which was introduced in March, helps eligible social enterprises sustain their operations and develop products to address social gaps.

“As entities operating in the social-economic nexus, social enterprises are also well-placed to develop and scale innovative, long-term solutions to meet the needs and social challenges of our time,” said Mr Masagos.

He cited the example of social enterprise Spic & Span, which specialises in cleaning technology and employs marginalised and vulnerable Singaporeans.

During the circuit breaker period, the company developed a proprietary anti-bacterial coating to disinfect surfaces for up to six months. It also provided subsidised disinfectant services of up to $250,000 in value, said Mr Masagos.


Choosing The Right Type Of Disinfection Service Is Now Easier

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for professional disinfection services has drastically increased. Such services are necessary to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms. Since there are a plethora of companies offering disinfection services, it is important to understand what Disinfection is and the different types of disinfection services.

Are Decontamination And Disinfection Same?

Decontamination and Disinfection are similar terms and may be confused with each other. However, they are not to be used interchangeably

Decontamination is the process of making an area and all the materials in that area safe by reducing microbial contaminants. It is mandatory to decontaminate hospital rooms at fixed intervals so that people can enter it without worrying about the risk of infection.

Disinfection, on the other hand, is the process of removing pathogenic organisms from surfaces using chemical solutions. It is a part of the decontamination process. Choosing the right type of disinfection process for your property will become easier if you are aware of the common types of disinfection.

What Is Home Disinfection?

Home disinfection service is the process of removing pathogenic organisms from all surfaces in your house, including the countertops, faucets and door handles. The objective is to reduce the risk of any infection or illness by eliminating harmful organisms. This is done so by using antimicrobial solutions like ammonia-based products or bleach. Generally, these solutions are applied on non-porous and high-risk surfaces in your kitchen and bathrooms.

What Is Commercial Disinfection?

Similar products are used for disinfecting commercial premises. The chemical disinfection process is used to disinfect office desks, switch plates, computers and handles. Selecting a specialised disinfection method would be highly recommended for commercial properties. For instance, the usage of an electrostatic spray guns is more suited commercial properties due to larger area size and variety of objects in an office. Additionally, a more even coating of disinfection solution will be achieved from using specialised equipment. Thus, it is important to identify the type of disinfection services needed to ensure your premises are protected using the right solutions and methods.

Now that you are aware of the common types of disinfection services, it’s time to choose a suitable service fro your premise.

Spic & Span among 7 recipients to be awarded the IPOS Innovation for Humanity Award 2020!

Spic & Span was among 7 recipients to be awarded the IPOS Innovation for Humanity Award 2020! The award celebrates how bright sparks in ingenuity, inventiveness, and creativity work together to solve one of humanity’s greatest challenges of our time.

We are thankful and privileged to be standing amongst other industry innovators in this unprecedented time. We will continue to stay committed to our goal of effecting social impact through innovative enterprise growth!


The Importance of Using Surface Disinfectant in Commercial Places

The ongoing pandemic situation has changed every aspect of our life. It is essential to disinfect all commercial spaces to ensure the health and safety of the members. Using proper disinfectant services ensures that they are free from disease-causing microbes and pathogens.

Disinfectant services using an electrostatic application system offer even 360° application and create a deep coating to eliminate all viruses.

Protect the health of your members

People are scared to return to their office due to the spread of COVID-19. In such a situation, using suitable surface disinfectant services will ensure that health and safety will not be compromised. A safe work environment will generate more productive results and minimise the chances of health hazards. It will improve safety and health concerns for customers, employees and outsiders.

Keep your workplace sterilised

Disinfectant services are available for all commercial places, including office buildings, schools, restaurants, retail stores, banks, municipalities and many more. Preventive measures and proper sanitisation are essential to tackle this unforeseen and unfortunate situation. The safety of your employees is in your hands. It is crucial to integrate the best-in-class surface disinfectant services to prevent the spread of diseases.

disinfection service

Meet the safety guidelines

The spread of Covid-19 is at its peak and causing life-threatening damages to the human race. To help our economy sustain all establishments and services need to use surface disinfectants on their premises. The government of all the states has made it compulsory to disinfect all nooks and corners of your commercial place.

Protects key touch points against viruses

The virus can quickly transfer to people when they come in contact with a contaminated surface. It is essential to disinfect all key touch points as everyone commonly touches them. Door handles, stair rails, tables, and other touch points should at all times be cleaned to maintain the safety standards. Washrooms and office floors should also be regularly disinfected.

Enhanced work atmosphere

Using professional disinfection services will ensure complete protection of your workplace. Employees will be motivated to work when they are assured of their health. Professional cleaners will meet your cleaning standards by using appropriate tools, techniques and products to clean all the surfaces of your commercial space effectively. Visitors, staff and customers will come only after knowing that the premises are entirely safe.

Reputed companies offering self-disinfecting coating in Singapore, works well on all key touch points and targets the fomite transmission. They protect against mould, viruses and bacteria for six months. They also protect against all enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus, Herpes and Influenza A. They guarantee you quality assurance inspections and use of electrostatic applications to leave no residue.

“Championing the Cause of Inclusivity at Work”

SG Enable

Social causes need champions to move not just hearts and minds, but the society forward. These two individuals – Benjamin Chua and George Lam – have done exactly that.

Benjamin Chua and George Lam are champions in every sense of the word.

For the work they have done to hire and support persons with disabilities in the workforce, they were honoured with the Enabling Champion Award at the 5thEnabling Employers Awards, organised by SG Enable. Find out what they did.

A cleaning service with heart 

Benjamin, 31, left a job in venture capitalism in 2016 when he heard about several older workers who had been retrenched. Soon after, he started a cleaning business to hire them, working with social service agencies from day one and partnering them to provide jobs for marginalised Singaporeans. Today, the company has grown into a sustainable business with a pool of corporate clients.


Graduating students can apply for over 11,000 traineeships from June 1

Fabian Koh, The Straits Times, May 31, 2020

SINGAPORE – Graduates will be able to apply for traineeships under the SGUnited Traineeships Programme, from Monday (June 1), Manpower Minister Josephine Teo said on Facebook on Sunday (May 31).

And to make it easier for students to search for the traineeships that suit them, a Virtual Career Fair for traineeships is being held later in June.

“To ensure that our graduates have a meaningful traineeship experience, we work closely with interested host organisations to put in place traineeships with clear development plans, before these traineeships get approved by Singapore Business Federation (SBF), our programme partner,” said Mrs Teo.


Some companies still hiring even as retrenchments rise by about 10% amid COVID-19 pandemic

Rachel Phua, Channel News Asia, Apr 30, 2020

SINGAPORE: As employers across the country shed workers or put them on furlough due to labour market conditions, a few others are continuing to look for employees and trainees. 

According to Workforce Singapore (WSG), there were 13,000 SGUnited job vacancies with 11,000 applicants as of Apr 19. 

Most of the roles under the SGUnited Jobs initiative are temporary gigs created during the COVID-19 period.

Jobs in manufacturing, healthcare, social service, as well as retail positions in supermarkets are offered through the initiative, said WSG chief executive Tan Choon Shian. 

Another 4,000 traineeships are in the works under the S$100 million SGUnited Traineeships Programme – an internship-like scheme for fresh graduates – launching on Jun 1, he said.


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