Total Protection, Complete Assurance

Speco® is your long-lasting antimicrobial coating partner

We offer an end-to-end service of antimicrobial coating Singapore to protect your staff and visitors against viruses, bacteria and mould, so you can run your business with a peace of mind.

Speco® is lab-tested effective against Coronaviruses, and is also 100% safe for humans, pets & materials.

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A Company of Good


Spic & Span is an award-winning cleaning Social Enterprise with a mission of providing meaningful careers for marginalised Singaporeans.

Our proprietary Speco® long-lasting disinfection technology is the only product in Singapore that has been independently lab tested and has received positive results against Coronaviruses.

A Multidimensional Product

Speco® is also…


Anti-Mold & Mildew


Anti-Salmonella & E.coli

Speco® is the Answer

Why Choose Us?

Lab tested effective against Coronaviruses

Colourless & safe on materials

Food grade non-toxic

Zero disruption to businesses during application

Quality Assurance inspections to ensure continual effectiveness

Emergency Service Assistance through Terminal cases

Speco® is Safe and Friendly

Applying Speco® is akin to having your surface disinfected for the next 6 months


Disinfects & binds

Speco® binds to both porous & non-porous treated surfaces, killing any microbes that come in contact with it.


Punctures enveloped viruses.

The coating’s antiviral component physically breaks the outer envelope layer through electrocution and puncture, thus incapacitating the viral pathogen.


Complements stepped-up cleaning.

Antiviral effect lasts for 6 months even with daily housekeeping.

Have you touched these areas lately?

Fomite Transmission can happen anywhere

Someone else’s locker exterior

The fridge in your office pantry

Your whiteboard, markers & eraser

The meeting room’s tables, chair & remote


Safety should be comprehensive

Be 100% safe with our 360° Coverage

Always with You in Our Engagement Process

Assess your needs

Our experienced account managers will design a customised package for you

Renewal benefits

No-Claim Discount (NCD) and Discounted Service Plans available for long term customers

Protect your premises

Complete 360° coverage of all surfaces, with Pre and Post Application QC Tests

Mid-point QA check

Reapplication will be done free of charge if gaps are found

Choose Speco®

Your Preferred Disinfection Partner

Have questions? Find answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of trained professionals can be deployed within 24 hours. However, you are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment a week in advance.

We encourage our clients to carry out light cleaning to achieve optimal application coverage. Our team of trained technicians will also assess and clean the surfaces if required.

With our 360° electrostatic application system, we will ensure that your premise is evenly and consistently coated to provide complete total protection.

Our team consists of trained technicians that will assess and help clean away any stains or materials that would affect the Speco® coating.

Speco® is lab tested to be non-toxic and safe for humans. Total vacation of the premise is not required but our team of professionals would requisite ample space to carry out the application in the selected area. Our team strives to deliver minimal disruption to your workplace while assuring comprehensive and quick coverage.

Speco® has an organic light lavender scent. You may identify the coated areas with this scent. However, the fragrance will diffuse away after an hour of application.

Speco®’s 24/7 protection is effective immediately after the application is completed. Our quick and comprehensive application process allows for minimal disruption to your business.

Your cleaning staff may continue with their routines as the use of other common household disinfectants will not remove Speco. We encourage abiding by the stepped-up cleaning measures in accordance with MOH and NEA guidelines.

We assure the effectiveness of our product through a Pre and Post Application surface swab test using the World Class Hygiene Monitoring system, Kikkoman.

As part of our end to end service solutions, we also provide a Quality Assurance Test 3 months after the initial application. Should there be any quality gaps found, immediate reapplication will be guaranteed, free of charge.

As part of our Comprehensive Protection Plan, the Emergency Service Assistance (ESA) would be activated. A round of terminal disinfection will be promptly executed on your premise to put a stop to any immediate spreading of the virus. We will ensure a 24-hour turnaround of your premise to ensure minimal workplace disruption.

Our team is experienced in managing such emergency infection cases and is well-equipped to guide your company through the whole process.

Speco® is an invisible antimicrobial coating that protects against viruses, bacteria and mold. It is applied using a 360° electrostatic spraying system that covers all surfaces. This disinfectant coating will provide 24/7 protection for 6 months.

Yes, Speco® is independently tested in local laboratories. It is the only long-lasting disinfectant in Singapore that is lab tested to be effective against Coronaviruses.

Speco® is one of the leading antimicrobial coating companies to protect your environment. However, as bed bugs and dust mites feed on microbes, Speco® indirectly eliminates their food source.

Yes, Speco® is effective against E.coli, Salmonella, bacteria, yeast, mould and superbugs like MRSA. We also are the only company that has a viral test report effective against Coronaviruses.

Yes, Speco® is able to effectively remove mould.

Yes, Speco® is lab tested to be effective against the Corona viruses including Corona virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), SARS Coronavirus (SARS-CoV), etc.

Aside from enveloped viruses, Speco is also effective against bacteria and mold such as E.coli, yeast, and super bugs, etc.

Speco® is proven to be non-toxic and colourless. It omits the use of Benzalkonium Chloride, an active ingredient in certain disinfectants which would discolour and corrode different surfaces. Thus, our product is safe to be used without any impact on your materials and office in the long run.

Speco® is safe for substrates including plastic, wood, fabric, glass and metal. Speco® can be applied to porous and non-porous surfaces.

Yes, Speco® works on porous materials and works well with steam cleaning of up to 100-degree Celsius.

Our Toxicology Report has verified that Speco® has no harmful health effects. This includes incidents if Speco® comes into contact with your eyes, skin, ingestion, inhalation and chronic exposure. Speco® is a food-grade non-toxic product.

Speco® is a green product that is 100% bio-degradable. Our company is also a Certified B-Corporation which is an international accreditation for businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

In every building, there are many more areas that could lead to fomite contamination aside from high touchpoint surfaces. With our latest technology in application, we are able to completely cover your premises quickly and economically. We believe in providing complete coverage rather than selective coverage.

To attain optimal coverage and assurance, the Speco® product needs to be applied using our 360 ° electrostatic application system. Additionally, our technicians have undergone trainings to attain expertise needed in the application process.

The combination of professional application system and employing trained technicians used ensures that our product is truly effective for the entire 6-month duration.

We have the latest technology in application tools and solutions that allows us to have higher productivity and achieve economies of scale. Unlike our competitors that are distributors, Speco® is manufactured by us in Singapore. You are dealing direct which can lead to huge cost savings yet achieve better results.

We are differentiated in 6 ways:

1. Fast Binding Time – Fast turnover time resulting in minimal disruption to business

2. Made in Singapore Brand – Speco® is proudly produced and formulated in Singapore

3. The Only Lab Tested Disinfectant – Speco® is the only disinfection solution in Singapore tested by local independent labs to be effective against coronaviruses

4. Food Grade & Non-Toxi – Speco® is food grade non-toxic and can be safely used around people, food and plants. It will not cause skin and eye irritation as seen from other products

5. Trusted and Certified by Reputable Clients – Speco® is currently trusted and engaged by reputable clients like Singapore Airlines, Singtel

6. A Company of Good – Beyond offering award-winning cleaning solution, Spic & Span seeks to effect positive social change by providing meaningful careers for marginalized Singaporeans

We offer total protection and complete assurance to our clients. Link up with through the “Contact Us” tab

Media Releases

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Work in Peace, with Speco® in Place

Lab-tested Effective Against Coronaviruses

24/7 protection for 6 months

Effective in targeting fomite transmission and works well on high touch points

Food grade Non-toxic
Zero disruption to businesses during application
Colourless & safe on materials

Electrostatic application covers surfaces 360° evenly

Quick application method that leaves no residue with fast curing time.

Quality Assurance Inspections to ensure continual effectiveness

World-class Hygiene Monitoring system used during service contract.

Long-Lasting Protection Against Viruses, Bacteria and Mold

Speco® protects against Enveloped viruses like COVID-19

Enveloped viruses are viruses that possess an outer coating, or “envelope”, composed of a lipid layer (a fat-like substance that is water-insoluble). Examples of enveloped viruses include the COVID-19 coronavirus, Influenza A, and Herpes. This envelope layer helps the pathogenic virus latch onto and invade new cells.

Coronaviruses are a group of enveloped viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, coronaviruses cause respiratory tract infections that can range from mild to lethal. Mild illnesses include some cases of the common cold, while more lethal varieties include SARS. MERS, and COVID-19, which have killed over 100.000 people globally to date.

When enveloped viruses interact with the Speco® coating, the coating’s antiviral component physically breaks the outer envelope layer through electrocution and puncture, thus incapacitating the viral pathogen. Incapacitated viruses cannot replicate or mutate, which also means that it cannot spread further. This antiviral effect can last on surfaces for up to 6 months.

The Speco® formula then degrades these complex organic matters into simpler matters and finally into gaseous form over time. This prevents the overloading of dead pathogens on treated surfaces. This step is important as an overcrowding of dead pathogens can easily prevent the disinfectant from effectively killing new pathogens.

Using Speco® is akin to having the surface disinfected 24/7 for the next 6 months.

24/7 Protection for up to 6 months from Speco®

Speco® is one of the leading antimicrobial coating companies protecting offices, public areas, warehouses, vehicles and more from most pathogens. including enveloped viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds for up to 6 months.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our way of life. People are anxious for life to get back to normal, but the fact is, they will remain concerned about new disease outbreaks for years to come. Speco® protects work environments so that staff can relax, knowing that the objects and equipment in their workplace are free from most disease-causing pathogens.

Hand sanitisers and disinfectants are not enough. While they all claim to kill 99.99% of pathogens upon contact, they are also often toxic, causing rashes and skin problems, and are effective only in the short term, at best for a few hours before they must be reapplied.

Enhanced Protection Using Contactless Electrostatic Application

Electrostatic Application with Speco®

Electrostatic application systems apply solutions to surfaces 360 °
evenly and consistently using an electrostatic force of attraction.

When combined with Speco®, this process causes a deep, strong
coating at the microscopic level.

This ensures optimal cleanliness of surfaces and the well-being of the
occupants after Speco® is applied.