Speco® is a long-lasting protective disinfectant for high touch point surfaces.

Here are some areas to take note of

Before Application

You may leave your workstations as-it-is. Speco® will still be able to protect your surface even when there is dust.

You are encouraged to tidy up your workstations in order to achieve optimal application coverage.

Speco® is non-toxic and colour-less. It will not stain or discolour your work materials.

During Application

You may continue work as usual during application as Speco® has no harmful health effects even if inhaled.

Speco® binds quickly to surfaces within 15 minutes. You may continue using the areas once our specialists leave.

Speco® uses a customised fragrance blend. As it is 100% organic, it does not have a strong chemical or sourish smell as compared to other disinfectants.

After Application

Regular housekeeping is encouraged for optimal cleanliness of your workstations. Common cleaning supplies will not remove the Speco® coating.

To ensure that the Speco® protective coating is still effective, we will conduct a Quality Assurance Inspection 3 months after the application.

If the surface feels slightly sticky due to excess coating, you may use any common cleaning supplies to wipe it off. The base coating will still remain in effect.