In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for professional disinfection services has drastically increased. Such services are necessary to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms. Since there are a plethora of companies offering disinfection services, it is important to understand what Disinfection is and the different types of disinfection services.

Are Decontamination And Disinfection Same?

Decontamination and Disinfection are similar terms and may be confused with each other. However, they are not to be used interchangeably

Decontamination is the process of making an area and all the materials in that area safe by reducing microbial contaminants. It is mandatory to decontaminate hospital rooms at fixed intervals so that people can enter it without worrying about the risk of infection.

Disinfection, on the other hand, is the process of removing pathogenic organisms from surfaces using chemical solutions. It is a part of the decontamination process. Choosing the right type of disinfection process for your property will become easier if you are aware of the common types of disinfection.

What Is Home Disinfection?

Home disinfection service is the process of removing pathogenic organisms from all surfaces in your house, including the countertops, faucets and door handles. The objective is to reduce the risk of any infection or illness by eliminating harmful organisms. This is done so by using antimicrobial solutions like ammonia-based products or bleach. Generally, these solutions are applied on non-porous and high-risk surfaces in your kitchen and bathrooms.

What Is Commercial Disinfection?

Similar products are used for disinfecting commercial premises. The chemical disinfection process is used to disinfect office desks, switch plates, computers and handles. Selecting a specialised disinfection method would be highly recommended for commercial properties. For instance, the usage of an electrostatic spray guns is more suited commercial properties due to larger area size and variety of objects in an office. Additionally, a more even coating of disinfection solution will be achieved from using specialised equipment. Thus, it is important to identify the type of disinfection services needed to ensure your premises are protected using the right solutions and methods.

Now that you are aware of the common types of disinfection services, it’s time to choose a suitable service fro your premise.