What differentiates Speco® from other products?

We are differentiated in 6 ways:

1. Fast Binding Time – Fast turnover time resulting in minimal disruption to business

2. Made in Singapore Brand – Speco® is proudly produced and formulated in Singapore

3. The Only Lab Tested Disinfectant – Speco® is the only disinfection solution in Singapore tested by local independent labs to be effective against coronaviruses

4. Food Grade & Non-Toxic – Speco® is food grade non-toxic and can be safely used around people, food and plants. It will not cause skin and eye irritation as seen from other products

5. Trusted and Certified by Reputable Clients – Speco® is currently trusted and engaged by reputable clients like Singapore Airlines, Singtel

6. A Company of Good – Beyond offering award-winning cleaning solution, Speco Singapore Pte Ltd (f.k.a. Spic & Span Pte Ltd) seeks to effect positive social change by providing meaningful careers for marginalized Singaporeans

We offer total protection and complete assurance to our clients. Link up with through the “Contact Us” tab

How does Speco® cost as compared to other competitors or other options like DIY?

We have the latest technology in application tools and solutions that allows us to have higher productivity and achieve economies of scale. Unlike our competitors that are distributors, Speco® is manufactured by us in Singapore. You are dealing direct which can lead to huge cost savings yet achieve better results.

Is it possible to provide pre-bottled Speco® solutions to allow customers to self-apply?

To attain optimal coverage and assurance, the Speco® product needs to be applied using our 360 ° electrostatic application system. Additionally, our technicians have undergone trainings to attain expertise needed in the application process.

The combination of professional application system and employing trained technicians used ensures that our product is truly effective for the entire 6-month duration.

Is it sufficient to just protect my high touch points such as my lift lobbies?

In every building, there are many more areas that could lead to fomite contamination aside from high touchpoint surfaces. With our latest technology in application, we are able to completely cover your premises quickly and economically. We believe in providing complete coverage rather than selective coverage.

Is Speco® harmful to the environment?

Speco® is a green product that is 100% bio-degradable. Our company is also a Certified B-Corporation which is an international accreditation for businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

Is Speco® toxic?

Our Toxicology Report has verified that Speco® has no harmful health effects. This includes incidents if Speco® comes into contact with your eyes, skin, ingestion, inhalation and chronic exposure. Speco® is a food-grade non-toxic product.

Does Speco® work on mattresses?

Yes, Speco® works on porous materials and works well with steam cleaning of up to 100-degree Celsius.

Can Speco® be applied on fabric or leather?

Speco® is safe for substrates including plastic, wood, fabric, glass and metal. Speco® can be applied to porous and non-porous surfaces.

Is Speco® safe for my materials and office?

Speco® is proven to be non-toxic and colourless. It omits the use of Benzalkonium Chloride, an active ingredient in certain disinfectants which would discolour and corrode different surfaces. Thus, our product is safe to be used without any impact on your materials and office in the long run.

Is Speco® effective against Covid-19?

Yes, Speco® is lab tested to be effective against the Coronaviruses including Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), SARS Coronavirus (SARS-CoV), etc.

Aside from enveloped viruses, Speco is also effective against bacteria and mold such as E.coli, yeast, and super bugs, etc.

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