COVID-19 came as a massive threat to our health and safety. In such a scenario, the self disinfecting coating has gained popularity for its protection from germs and virus.

What is Self-Disinfecting Coating?

There are multiple functionalities of the self disinfecting coating. The reports have suggested that it can reduce the total number of bacteria antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The self disinfecting coating is now not only used in the hospital but other settings like offices, airports too.

The studies have also found that this kind of coating is successful in producing long term efficiency in hospitals. It has been found that they can reduce the number of bacteria more than 15 weeks of the application. The various scientific researchers have suggested its effectiveness against a wide range of pathogenic bacteria. The study also reflects its efficiency in different hard surfaces such as bed rails, walls, tray tables, beds and others.

The Benefits of Self-Disinfecting Coating

As a result of its multiple functionalities, it is being used to prevent the spread of Covid 19. The self disinfecting coating is eco-friendly and safe. The coating also acts as a guard against fungi, virus and bacteria. It is nothing but the need of the hour.

The self-disinfecting coating essentially remains effective three months before any form of re-application. The layer comprises of modified quaternary ammonium compound. This ensures it has a self disinfecting function which kills the germs when it comes in contact.

How does it work?

The studies have suggested that the self disinfecting coating is practical in two ways. Firstly it comprises needles like structure which can rupture the outer membrane of virus, bacteria and fungi. This thereby reduces the ability of the viruses to infect.

Secondly, the bonding agent of the coating helps it to adhere tightly to the surfaces. Thus despite repeated scrubbing and cleaning of the body, the coating lasts for three months. It is also safe for human skin.

An efficient research body delivers 100% lab-tested self-disinfection coating, which is safe to use not only for humans but for pets as well.