Currently, the world is reeling from the deadly Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). With this, general hygiene and the need for effective disinfection has increased significantly. In navigating this, individuals are presented with a plethora of options – conducting cleaning and disinfection in-house, engaging existing cleaning contractors or engaging a professional disinfection service. Here are some benefits of employing professional disinfection services:

Seasoned Professionals at Your Service

Trying to disinfect a space yourself can be tricky. Professional disinfection services employ only experienced and trained professionals. They are equipped to disinfect a variety of premises like:

• Homes
• Offices
• Factories
• Restaurants, shopping malls, and other commercial establishments

This experience is especially pertinent for premises and surfaces which require special care. For instance, Data Centers must be handled with specialised equipment and gear. Disposable rubber gloves and proper attire must be used to prevent moisture transfer. Solutions containing chlorine, or solvents with acetone, benzene, methylene chloride or ethyl alcohol should be avoided.

Thus, with experience, trained professionals will be familiar with such requirements and specialised care.

Extensive Customisation

Professional disinfection agencies are able to customise their services according to your business. Services range from terminal disinfection services, extensive pre-application wipe down or pre-application swab testing. These professional agencies have the resources and capabilities to address a variety of needs and pinpoints.

Efficient Services

It is essential to trust the best disinfection services in Singapore to keep your premise safe and protected. Professionals possess the right tools and techniques needed to carry out a thorough cleaning and disinfection job. For instance, anElectrostatic Spraying Gun ensures the disinfection solution is electrostatically charged during application. This causes the solution to stick and wrap around sprayed objects including hard to reach areas. The use of such specialised equipment results in a uniform and thorough disinfection coating. Thus, engaging professional agencies will provide a greater peace of mind.

Eco-Friendly Techniques

Are you looking to be a responsible citizen and reduce your carbon footprint? Seek out environmentally responsible disinfection services which are able to keep you and the environment safe at the same time. State-of-the-art microbial technology can include green disinfection techniques and non-toxic repellents that are safe for humans and the environment. This allows you to adopt an eco-friendly approach to disinfecting your premise.

Thus, engage a reliable and environmentally responsible disinfection agency to protect your premise. It is time to seek out the industry’s best disinfection services to meet your protection needs.