Total Protection, Complete Assurance

Speco® is your long-lasting disinfection partner

We offer an end-to-end disinfectant cleaning services Singapore to protect your staff and visitors against viruses, bacteria and mould, so you can run your business with a peace of mind. Speco® is lab-tested effective against Coronaviruses, and is also 100% safe for humans, pets & materials.  We use latest technology for disinfection service Singapore.

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Who We Serve

Champions of GoodChampions of Good 2018Business Awardaward ceremony

A Company of Good

Speco Singapore Pte Ltd (f.k.a. Spic & Span Pte Ltd) is an award-winning cleaning Social Enterprise with a mission of providing meaningful careers for marginalised Singaporeans.

Our proprietary Speco® long-lasting disinfection technology is the only product in Singapore that has been independently lab tested and has received positive results against Coronaviruses.


A Multidimensional Product

Speco® is also…


Anti-Mold & Mildew


Anti-Salmonella & E.coli

Speco® is the Answer

Why Choose Us?

Lab tested effective against Coronaviruses

Colourless & safe on materials

Food grade non-toxic

Zero disruption to businesses during application

Quality Assurance inspections to ensure continual effectiveness

Emergency Service Assistance through Terminal cases

Speco® is Safe and Friendly

Applying Speco® is akin to having your surface disinfected for the next 6 months


Disinfects & binds.

Speco® binds to both porous & non-porous treated surfaces, killing any microbes that come in contact with it.


Punctures enveloped viruses.

The coating’s antiviral component physically breaks the outer envelope layer through electrocution and puncture, thus incapacitating the viral pathogen


Complements stepped-up cleaning.

Antiviral effect lasts for 6 months even with daily housekeeping

Have you touched these areas lately?

Fomite Transmission can happen anywhere

Someone else’s locker exterior

The fridge in your office pantry

Your whiteboard, markers & eraser

The meeting room’s tables, chair & remote

Safety should be comprehensive

Be 100% safe with our 360° Coverage

Work in peace with Speco® in place


in our product

Trusted, lab tested and durable protective coating


for your well-being

Safe for humans, for your premise & materials


for your peace of mind

Comprehensive QA processes, and continuous support through emergencies

Always with You in Our Engagement Process

Assess your needs

Our experienced account managers will design a customised package for you

Renewal benefits

No-Claim Discount (NCD) and Discounted Service Plans available for long term customers

Protect your premises

Complete 360° coverage of all surfaces, with Pre and Post Application QC Tests

Mid-point QA check

Reapplication will be done free of charge if gaps are found

Choose Speco®

Your Preferred Disinfection Partner